CIT Global has created a powerful security solution framework, developed to support various ePayment, mPayment, eCommerce and mCommerce initiatives and implementations.

This architecture enhances the current security to higher levels, by introducing audited authentication of customers and institutions, providing signing and guaranteed non-repudiation for each transaction and interaction.

This architecture is flexible, modular and application-independent, and as a result can be easily integrated with single or multiple application components and environments, including public or private certification and registration authorities, directory services, clients and secure back-end applications servers. The same solution components can also be implemented on customer devices, such as PDAs , mobile phones and many others.

Internet merchants act as the gateway for processing all payment transactions initiated by end users shopping on the internet. To increase market share, internet merchants need to enhance and expand their services and provide unparalleled security to their clients.

CIT Global also provides a strong suite of security consultation services. Our certified security experts provide guidance in the development of security strategies, methods and practices. This is complemented by a team of qualified professionals allowing us to provide you with a complete end-to-end secure solution.