Life @ CIT Global

Working for CIT Global is a unique experience, indeed!
Four main reasons you want to know about our work environment:

  • Innovation & Dynamic beats:
    Innovation is how our team live and think!
    Whether you're fresh out of college, or an experienced professional, CIT Global is the place to be. We enable you the chance to cultivate your experience, utilize your knowledge to the fullest extent and re-inventing yourself. Joining CIT Global makes it your best business house and family!
    • We are one of the world’s dynamic solutions providers within the high-tech edge of eCommerce, mCommerce, ePayment, mobile software and mobile money unique concepts and technologies.
    • Innovation makes it a must-to-have factor to offer our international customers with the unprecedented solutions, services and products.

  • Meet the Like-Minded People:
    Collaboration with like-minded people is a joy, fun and makes it ever impossible!
    Our team of superiors and experts know what works and how. It makes the entire environment a BIG lab of excitement and productivity. We believe in what we do and so our customers look forward for our contribution. It makes us in a pride for our customer successes – in fact they rely on what we offer and work closely for their successes, globally!

  • Build your career, the way YOU want:
    CIT Global gives unlimited space for creativity, contribution and career development opportunities. We are proud to see our team members successfully accomplishing more winnings every day, getting their skills developed, by going through the right business track.
    If you have what makes you successful, then CIT Global is the place to join with well developed tools and matured career path and a team of human capital that believes in you as an asset and value.

  • Work for a company you can be proud of:
    CIT Global has a proven success records over the global, in more than 30 countries covering the international markets with continues leadership. CIT Global has defined itself through its leaders, products, technologies and services; combined by its fundamental values. Our values serve as the foundation of our culture and brand. Simply we deliver innovation & entrepreneurship to the world

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