Message from the Chairman

I would like to present you my personal welcome to CIT Global corporate portal.
I am proud we've been able to maintain the environment that tells everyone who we are. Since CIT Global was founded in 1993, our story has been one of great successes and continuous growth. It has been a fascinating journey. This was mainly attributed to our employees, clients and shareholders. Our track record of delivering successful and award winning solutions to our clients in more than 30 countries around the globe, stands as a testimony to our successful journey.
We strive to lead our clients into the next generation of eCommerce & mCommerce systems, through innovation and technology leadership, with the mission to deliver to our clients the maximum return on their technology investments, and arm them with strong tools to meet their business objectives.
Driven by our core vision, CIT Global continues to grow as leading software solution company that delivers exceptional value to its clients, shareholders and employees, through continuous innovation and quality improvements.
With my best regards,

Ashraf Zaki